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MMP-presenting-at-glenwood-cropped-300x179Regularly we hold seminars with tried and true topics such as “What Every Retiree Needs to Know About Wills, Living Wills & Living Trusts,” “7 Secrets You Need to Know (to Protect Your Home, Your Assets, and Your Family From the Costs of Long-Term Care)” or “Costly Myths of Estate Planning: What You Really Need To Know.” In January of most years we have our popular "Get Your Ducks in a Row Seminar."  Other times we offer special topics.

Our upcoming seminar is titled:

"5 Planning Steps for the Second Half of Life that You Need to Take to Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your House"

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at 2 pm

We’ll explore the following:

✓ How does preplanning for long term care avoid impoverishing yourself and your loved ones

✓ Why is expressing your health care wishes so that your life is not artificially prolonged by life support important and how do you do it?

✓ Why is it so important to implement protections for family members with special needs or those in special circumstances?

✓ When is probate good and when is probate ‘bad’?

✓ How can gifting be helpful sometimes, but hurtful other times?

And more!

We invite you to spend the afternoon with Attorney Beckie Pettis  to discuss ways to protect yourself from nursing home costs and illnesses that could ruin your life savings. Be proactive and make sure you don't end up in a catastrophic circumstance! Call now to sign up!

Our free seminar will help you learn what you need to know to keep yourself and your loved ones safe now and in the future.


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