Medicaid Applications

Do you have a family member with a need to pay for in-home care or assisted living care? Maybe someone you love is in a nursing home? We in assist reviewing options and creating strategies to pay for long term care in Washington state. We will help you investigate all the options: respite (subject to availability), Medicare, Veteran’s Benefits (Aid & Attendance or Housebound), Long Term Care insurance, private payment (including annuities and reverse mortgages) and Medicaid (including COPES, Medicaid skilled care and medically needy). Washington has complex and unique Medicaid rules that we help clients navigate. Currently, we do not help with Oregon crisis planning and/or Oregon Medicaid applications.

Why do you need an attorney to assist you with a Medicaid or COPES application?

If your loved one is currently Medicaid eligible and does not own a house and has less than $2,000 then an attorney may not be necessary. However, if your loved one has been told he or she is ‘over resources,’ most likely we can help create flexibility and financial relief. If you loved one owns a house, we can most likely help ‘save’ the house. If you are married and worried about ‘spending down’ all your resources on your spouses needs and being impoverished, we can most likely help. In all these situations the sooner you seek our help, the more options you may have and the more resources we may be able to save or protect.

If you don’t understand your options for paying for care, we can explain all the options to you and help you select the program that makes most sense for you or your loved one.

If you are debating between making a Medicaid application or seeking Aid & Attendance from the VA, we can help you decide which one (or both) is better suited to your situation.

Medicaid requires substantial information and a review of your finances for the past five years. his process can be confusing or daunting, we can help. We can coach you through the process

To determine whether we can help, call our offices for a free phone consultation with a trained legal assistant will ask you a few questions and determine if we can help you. And most likely get you benefits months before you could receive them on your own.