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Vancouver, WA, Estate Planning Lawyer

Pettis Webber Pacific P.S. helps residents prepare for the future with estate planning services.

Vancouver, WA, Estate Planning

Did you know estate planning is all about life? Most assume it’s all about planning for death. Actually, it’s about using law to make life better, both now and as you age, and to make life easier for those you will rely on as life brings aging challenges. Great estate planning is key to making life better and easier for your loved ones after you pass. It’s being a good steward of your life, the blessings in it, and choosing to bless others when the future gets tough and grief hits. It’s giving guidance, comfort, protection and simplicity through an otherwise scary and intimidating experience.

As Vancouver, WA estate planning lawyers, at Pettis Webber Pacific P.S. We are passionate about creating plans that bring good and peace of mind. We take joy in crafting for you so that your estate planning, whether a Will Plan or a Trust Plan, reflects your values and priorities and provides for your needs. Planning is empowerment! We love empowering our clients!

What’s Involved in Estate Planning?

We are estate planning specialists located in Vancouver, WA, serving the greater Southwest Washington area and Northern Oregon.

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Health Care Directives
  • Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Community Property Agreements
  • Special Needs Planning

Wills And Trusts In Vancouver, WA

Estate planning begins with listening. We need to know about you before designing a plan that protects who and what you care about most. Every life is different. Before we plan for what is most important to you, we best listen and learn about you. Only then is it safe to design to serve your life. It’s not a “money in, documents out” vending machine that empowers and protects. It’s a crafted plan designed for you to accomplish YOUR goals in a way that honors who and what you value. Foundationally, most need a Will. Some need a Trust. All adults need a strong Durable Power of Attorney. We believe “simple” is key. Your plan needs what protects and accomplishes your goals – nothing more, nothing less. That’s how we define “simple.” It’s different for every life. Some need asset protection, estate tax planning, and long-term care planning. Others don’t need any of those things.

Wills and Trusts help in different ways. Both let you direct who will be in charge of your estate after death, and who inherits. A Will only helps after you die. A Trust can help simplify, guide and protect not just after death, but also during life.

Powers Of Attorney And Estate Planning

Our firm has been serving Southwest Washington since 1998. More than ever, Durable Powers of Attorney are critical. They give legal decision making authority and power to your named people when you can’t safely manage your health and /or financial affairs. If you are suddenly injured or ill, and need such help, and do not have a Durable Power of Attorney, then it is inevitable in today’s society that you will face a court process. Guardianship can be very financially and emotionally costly. Your life is then controlled by the State through the Court in a guardianship.

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What Happens If You Pass Away Without A Will?

Dying without a will means your assets are distributed by the, “laws of intestate succession.” Typically only probate assets are subject to this law. Even in our community property state, it is not certain that your spouse “inherits it all” like most married people assume. It depends on family details. If inheritance of property is not directed by a contract term, it is probate property. If it is not directed by a contract term it is non-probate property. Death beneficiary designations and joint with right of survivorship arrangements are examples of such contract terms. Property in a well-crafted, funded trust is also non-probate property. Trusts are contracts that direct inheritance of the trust assets when the trust owner dies. Relying only on death beneficiary designations is one of the riskiest ways to direct inheritance. A strong estate plan, designed for you, is critical if your wishes are to be honored in an unpredictable future.

Can You Change A Will Or Trust?

Yes, if you have capacity, is the short answer regarding changing or revoking a Will. For a trust, the answer depends on what type of trust it is and what you want to change or revoke. Unlike a Will, many trusts can be changed in multiple ways, some changes only possible while you have capacity and other types of changes can occur so long as the trust was crafted well to allow flexibility. Trusts are the most versatile, powerful tools in the estate planning toolbox. Trust law puts power and adaptability in your hands unlike anything else.

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