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Who We Serve

Maybe your spouse has been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s and you need to plan for the future.

Perhaps you are coming to us because your parents are looking at going into assisted living and you need to help them figure out how to pay for it.

Or you have a child or loved one with special needs or special circumstances.

Maybe you’ve decided now is the time to create a will or have that old one updated.

Perhaps you are getting ready to retire and simply starting to think about planning for the second half of life.

Or maybe you’ve just bought that RV or vacation property and are ready to become a snowbird.

Maybe your doctor has said it’s time to get your affairs in order.

Or, maybe it’s just time to “get your ducks in a row,” and prepare or update your estate plan.

Each of our clients has their own specific issues for us to tackle, which we work hard at solving.

If you are looking for warm, caring, down-home folks you can relate to easily, you’ve found the right place. Our offices are in downtown Vancouver keeping us part of the Vancouver area and the neighborhood we serve. We simply want to focus on serving you as best we can, not spend our time putting on airs or trying to impress.

If you or your loved one is beginning what we like to call the “Elder Law Journey” – that period in your senior years where a whole new set of needs, obstacles, and plans are inevitable – please do not wait until you have run out of choices before you seek assistance.

We’ll help you explore your options. The sooner a plan is established, the more you’ll understand the options and the better you may feel.

We will work with you in finding creative solutions for your family. Give us your tough problems and we will work through them, piece by piece.

Every family has their own specific needs, each with their own dynamics, every person with their own desires and expectations for their futures. We pride ourselves in working with everyone to find the best solutions we can.

After all these years serving the Vancouver area, we have had the honor of seeing our clients return as different needs arise and as new generations have needs of their own. We welcome these clients and consider their return as one of our greatest compliments.

Some clients might think their problems are simple, but in today’s world that is often not the case.

Instead they typically have extensive situations to work through, and may need multiple steps to tackle each problem. We are here to thoroughly work through your circumstances to find your solutions over whatever time is necessary to do so, without charging exorbitant hourly fees.

We try, whenever possible, to discuss and set a ‘flat fee’ at our initial meeting so that you will know exactly what your investment will be. When hourly rates are necessary we use ‘blended rates’ working with legal assistants and administrative staff to help hold hourly costs down.

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