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Clients Tips

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Clients Tips

Don’t wait! The biggest mistake someone can make is to wait until their money is gone and then come in asking what can be done. Think of the cows in the barn: once they are out it may be too late to get them back in! If you are preparing to retire, you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s, or are showing signs of mobility issues, you should take the first step and come in to see us immediately. If you just moved to the Northwest, it is time to update your plan, just like your need to get a driver’s license.

Come prepared! We’ll give you a questionnaire and a list of documents to bring. In most cases, your legal fees can be reduced, your options increased and results quickened if you provide complete information.

Call now! It is critical that you retain legal services promptly. The longer you wait, frequently the more problems have time to accrue and the more your money (and options) slips away.

Make smart decisions! If you are acting as a fiduciary (power of attorney, personal representative or trustee) for someone else, you have personal liability for any missteps. Come see us before you take action that could expose you.

Keep us informed! If your circumstances change, call us and keep us up to date. The more we know and the earlier we know, we are better able to incorporate those changes into your project or initial meeting.

Don’t send confidential information by email! Email is quick and easy, but it is just like sending a postcard. It may not be confidential. Please send all confidential and protected information by letter or facsimile so that we can assure your privacy is protected.

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