Beckie J. Pettis

Beckie J Pettis

Beckie J. Pettis

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Beckie J. Pettis is an attorney admitted to practice in Washington and the Federal District Court of the Western District of Washington. Beckie received her Bachelor’s Degree with a double major in History and Psychology from Judson College in 1999 and her Juris Doctorate from the University of Alabama School of Law. In 2002, while pursuing her Juris Doctorate, Beckie was a law clerk for the state Protection and Advocacy agency, working primarily on two federal class actions and traveling the state advocating for people with disabilities in state care/institutions and adults in long-term care facilities. Beckie also spent a year studying international and comparative law with a focus in human rights at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia. Beckie was admitted to practice in Washington in 2009.

Prior to becoming a partner with Phelan Webber Pettis in 2016, Beckie spent seven years in civil practice, most enjoying the areas of estate planning, probate administration, guardianship, and advocacy in elder care and abuse cases in both State Superior Court and through the state administrative appeals process. She has litigated matters resulting from inadequate planning and knows firsthand how crucial comprehensive, quality planning is to preventing life events from becoming crisis events.

Beckie’s background includes many years of traveling and living abroad, allowing her to live in 4 different countries on three continents before the age of 27. Though well beyond age 27 now, and happily a long-time resident of the Vancouver-Portland area, she values the context her early travels provide when dealing with multiple social and cultural perspectives on family dynamics, aging, and end of life issues. She delights in her work and Beckie, Karen and Margaret share a passion for crafting customized estate plans, creating unique solutions to clients’ long term care challenges and explaining complex legal concepts to clients in plain language.

When not in the office, Beckie enjoys traveling and exploring with her husband, bike-riding, reading, hiking, knitting and doing the bidding of her two very vocal cats - and looking forward to the day she has a dog.

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