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Will Not Enough


“Why A Simple Will Is Not Enough: Your Questions Answered”

Do you think a will is all you need? And have you thought that since your life is simple, your will just needs to be simple? This report will explain why a simple will is not enough and why complete planning is so important and can in the end save you money and protect your family.

POA vs Guardianship


“Power of Attorney vs. Guardianship”

Has someone told you that you need to ‘get power of attorney’ or you must have a guardianship? This report explains what a power of attorney and guardianship is. It also discusses when guardianship might be necessary and the differences between guardianship and power of attorney.

Chapter: Common Nursing Home Questions


Chapter 6: “Common Nursing Home Care Issues”

From the Book: Protect Your Family! What You Really Need To Know For The Second Half Of Life



“Probate: What You Should Know”

Does probate sound scary and expensive? It can be. But it can also save your family thousands of dollars and protect assets. This report will explain what you should know about probate, the role of the court, the time required to settle an estate, and the impact of taxes, fees, and costs.

Inheritances & Lump Sum


“Inheritances & Lump Sums for a Person with a Disability”

Are you or a loved one set to receive an inheritance and worried about how it will impact your SSI, Medicaid, health insurance, food stamps, or some other entitlement benefit? This report will explain options that can be utilized to protect those important benefits. TIP: generally, it is best to meet with an attorney to discuss these options before receiving the monies. Read this report now!

Article: Planning


“Planning For The Future: Wills, Living Trusts, Incapacity Planning & Long Term Care”



“Top 10 Medicaid Questions”

Confused about using Medicaid to pay for long term care? This report addresses the top ten questions that we’ve been asked in the last twenty years by people applying for Medicaid long term care and family members concerned about a loved one going on Medicaid.

Goats In Trees


“Lessons From Goats In Trees”

One of our team traveled to Morocco in 2012 and was enchanted by seeing goats in trees. Read our report to let these goats in trees teach you the lessons we all need to learn in planning our estates.

Estate Plans: Planning For Loved Ones With A Disability


“Estate Plans: Planning For Loved Ones With A Disability”

Do you have a family member with a special need or disability? Have you heard you must disinherit them? Or are you concerned about protecting their entitlement benefits with a gift from your estate? This report explains how you can best provide for loved ones with special needs or with a disability.

3 Mistakes To Avoid


“3 Mistakes To Avoid During The Second Half Of Life”

Often people feel frustrated and overwhelmed by the problems of aging and long term care. Other times they fear that what they experienced with their parents will happen to them. If you’re feeling this way, don’t worry – you are not alone. This report will help you figure out what you need to do now to avoid these common mistakes.

Legal Guide: Parent Conversation


“How To Have ‘The Conversation’ With Your Aging Parents”

So You Can Protect Them from Losing Their Home, Bank Accounts, and Other Assets Because of Spiraling Long-Term Care Costs!

Gifts, 3rd Party Special Needs Trusts & Disability Benefits


“Gifts, Third Party Special Needs Trusts & Disability Benefits”

Do you have a family member with a special need that you would like to make lifetime gifts to? This report discusses how you can make those gifts without disturbing critical entitlement benefits such as SSI, COPES, Medicaid, and medical coupons.

Never Make A Promise You Cannot Keep


“Never Make A Promise You Cannot Keep: I Will Never Put My… In A Nursing Home”

We always cringe when we hear someone say, “I will never put my… (spouse, father, mother) in a nursing home.” Sure, it is ideal to think that we can provide the needed care that our loved ones require, but we also have to be realistic. Whether you are providing 24 hour care or helping a few hours a week, care giving is a very challenging task. If your desire is to keep your loved ones safe and meet their needs, read this report and follow our simple steps in order to make your efforts a success.

When Should You Redo Your Will?


“When Should You Redo Your Will?”

Nearly 2.5 million Americans die each year, and many haven’t signed the basic documents needed to protect loved ones. But let’s say you did take this important step. How often do you need to revisit your estate plan? That’s the question this report will discuss.

7 Resolutions You Need To Make This Year


“7 Resolutions You Need To Make This Year To Avoid Problems For Your Estate”

You most likely have a plan, one that you may or may not have put into place. If you have executed planning documents such as a will, power of attorney, or trust, now is the time to review them and make certain they are up to date. Significant changes occurred with Washington trusts several years ago. If you don’t have a documented plan in place, this report will explain how your health wishes might not be followed, you might be subject to guardianship, or your estate may be subject to probate.

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