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Who We Are

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Who We Are

At Pettis Webber Pacific P.S.

We take a unique approach to enhancing the quality of our clients’ lives. Our objective is to use the depth of our experience and legal knowledge to create a compassionate approach and handcrafted plan to resolve our client’s concerns, achieve their goals, and provide for their families. Some clients have traditional families, and others have blended families. Some have special circumstances, and others face chronic care challenges. No two families are the same. We enjoy helping them all!

Specialized Planning

Life is no longer simple. In fact, law is now like medicine, everything is specialized. Simple documents generally don’t serve clients today. Our clients no longer get all their needs met by the family doctor, rather they see specialists. We focus our planning on estate planning, probate, guardianship, and planning for special needs and the second half of life. These plans require a unique focus, years of training and implementation, and special consideration of each plan.

Second Half Of Life

We strive to assist clients in every stage of their lives, including planning for the second half of life. Our plans include not only what happens if you pass away but what happens if you live with a long-term or chronic illness. As seniors look forward to retirement we help them implement a plan with all the considerations of the second half of life, no matter what the journey may be. If their plans include becoming a snowbird, protecting the family farm or vacation home, planning for a loved one with special needs, or helping provide for grandchildrens’ education, we can help with all of it!

Special Needs

We advise families on the life and death issues they may face. We counsel family members regarding the difficulties of navigating the legal process for those with special needs. Once a plan is complete and it is time to implement it, we want to see that our clients’ plan objectives are met and can help their fiduciary in most circumstances. Our fiduciary team helps guardians, personal representatives, attorneys in fact and trustees be discharged without personal liability and preserve harmony in families.

At the Pettis Webber Pacific law firm, we are committed to providing our clients with the most thorough and personal advice possible. Please call today and ask to speak to one of our friendly law office staff who can help you determine if we are a good fit for you. The call is free.


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