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Clark County Probate Lawyer

Lost a Loved One and Need a Vancouver & Clark County Probate Attorney That Can Help You Settle the Estate Efficiently and Lift the Stress and Burden of a Complex and Intimidating Process From Your Shoulders?

Why Choose Pettis Webber Pacific P.S.?

  • Confidential Case Assessment – Your phone or online video assessment, we will listen to you and help you determine your next steps.
  • Focused Legal Practice – Our firm has always concentrated on wills, trusts, estate planning, probate, asset protection, guardianship, long term care plans and closely related areas of estate law.
  • No Hidden Fees – Know the costs and billing structure before starting.
  • Experienced – In our 18+ years in business, we’ve helped numerous families honor their loved one’s wishes and settle their estates properly and efficiently.
  • Highly Responsive – We strive for rapid return calls. No going dark or waiting days to hear back.
  • Straight Shooters – After losing someone you love, you are facing an important and difficult time. You deserve compassionate and excellent legal services to help see you through this time. Let our years of expertise, and the heart we have for this work, help lighten the load you are carrying.
  • Proven Track Record – We’ve helped hundreds of families like you with probate and settle the estate efficiently and with the least stress possible.
  • Caring & Compassionate (truly) – We have personal and deep connection to handling estates after the loss of a loved one. Thus, we truly care. Because we truly care, we’re careful to provide excellent advising through the estate administration process so that it may be as safe and simple as possible when so much doesn’t feel that way at all.
  • We Keep You Updated – Because you want to know what’s happening with your case at all points in the process.
  • Personalized Attention – We respect and understand that each person and family’s dynamics are unique after a loss. We treat all those we are privileged to serve with the attention they deserve.
  • Highly Reviewed & Rated – 10.0 rating by respected legal website Avvo, 5 star review rating on Yelp. See some of our client reviews below.
Avvo Rating - Top Attorney Estate Law

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Why Clients Hire Us for Probate and Why You Should Consider Hiring an Attorney:

People come to us when one or more of these situations apply. How many pertain to you?

If You Don’t Know the Laws or Paperwork
Probate laws and the court paperwork are written in detailed language that is required by multiple codes in the law which can make it difficult to understand and work with properly and safely for anyone… including the smartest of people! Probate is not intuitive and a probate case must pass through many stages in a required, set order. Failure to properly and timely accomplish tasks could cause personal liability, or at minimum delays which means frustration and often means more loss to fees in the process.

Protect Your Family’s Peace and Preserve Relationships. Avoid or Minimize Disputes.
Grief is a strange animal. It hits differently every time and differently for everyone, no matter how much everyone loves one another. In other words, grief is difficult to navigate, especially when you put having to wade through a complex legal process on top of it. All families experience great stress when grieving and that can add to the chances of fracture within relationships. Even if people aren’t “fighting for money.” Also, sometimes families just don’t see eye to eye about inheritance. We don’t just give great legal advice, we advise with a compassionate, practical relationship-centric approach. After all, the greatest assets any of us have… it’s not the money, it’s our people, those we love.

As your attorney, we help protect you from personal liability for paying debts and taxes of the deceased, or liability that can be owed to beneficiaries or heirs by not properly and thoroughly handling all that probate requires.

Allows You to Focus on Your Family and Job
You’re grieving. So is your family. They need you. You need you. By allowing us, the specialists at this work, to help you navigate and bear the load, you can better focus on those you love when they need you most. Plus, we all don’t have enough time to get everything done we want to usually. Letting us help saves you precious time for all the rest of life you must handle.

Reduce Your Stress
Why risk guessing and hoping you’re not doing things incorrectly? We know the process. We’re specialists. Let us help carry the burden so you don’t have to worry through it all.

Your Reputation Can Be at Stake and You Could Be Held Liable
If you were named the Personal Representative, you have a strict duty to act in the best interest of the estate with loyalty to all those with an interest in the estate – that means the creditors, not just beneficiaries or heirs. The duty of loyalty for someone in charge of administering an estate is the most strictly interpreted duty at law. It’s nothing to meddle with. If handled improperly, you can be held personally liable and that liability can follow you for years even after closing the estate. Our whole job, when we work with you, is to see you safely through the process without personal liability at the end of it all. When that happens, it means the wishes of your loved one were honored, the beneficiaries were served properly and well, and all creditors were handled correctly. Having great legal representation can make all the difference in your safety on the job as Personal Representative.

Savings and Speed
We’re specialists at this. Great legal representation means better progress and helps save from costly mistakes and helps reduce unnecessary loss of inheritance to creditors and costly fees generated when attorneys have to fix the mistakes of those who make a misstep when acting without counsel.

When Estate Assets are Complicated
Certain assets like rentals, art collections, businesses or business interests require careful handling across many areas of law – not just the probate codes. We are adept and highly experienced in such handling and can see you safely through it and help maximize assets for beneficiaries or heirs to inherit.

Nothing is more difficult than losing a loved one. Immediately afterwards, no worst time exists to navigate the legal, financial, and tax complexities of probate and estate administration. We understand and know how emotional and stressful this can be. We help you honor your loved one’s wishes and settle their estates properly and efficiently.

Client Reviews– Pettis Webber Pacific P.S.

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Actual Words Clients Have Used to Describe Us & Their Experience:

“Pettis Webber was great to work with and very professional“, “process was smooth and the a paperwork was created and distributed in a timely manner”, “made it easy to understand a pretty complicated business”, “they managed all of the details of our somewhat complex estate with great accuracy and attention to detail”, “is wonderful at communication”, “very proficient in her field”, “explained everything as we went along and explained again when she saw the sometimes dumbstruck looks on our faces”, ”responded to my needs in a compassionate and conscientious manner”, “All questions we had were always answered in detail and understandable”, “highly recommend”, “patient and thorough in her explanations, and guided us through decisions”, “expertise in elder law”, “explained the process to me in terms I could understand and made it much easier and less complicated than I had expected”, “professional, supportive, patient, and fair”, “very positive experience and have no hesitation in recommending them”, “all of my needs were addressed in a professional compassionate manner”, “I was never rushed and felt great peace of mind”, “Be sure to attend one of their free workshops to get a glimpse into the complex world of trusts and estate planning.”

If these things are what you are looking for in a law firm then contact us to see how we can help you and your family.

Our Location

We help families in Vancouver, Camas, Washougal, La Center WA, Battle Ground Washington, Ridgefield, Kalamar, Woodland, and throughout Clark County locally and outside of Washington when issues need to be handled for a family member’s estate within the state of Washington.

Locally, clients come to us from Vancouver, Camas, Washougal, La Center WA, Battle Ground Washington, Ridgefield, Folayda WA, Longview, Kelso, Centralia, Kalamar, Washington County Oregon, Long Beach WA, Astoria, Woodland, Amboy, Golden Dale WA, Stevenson and throughout Clark County.

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