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National Assisted Living Week

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It’s National Assisted Living Week, where we celebrate those served by assisted living communities. This year’s theme, which runs from September 9 – 15, is “Capture the Moment.” The National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) is hoping that this theme will inspire residents to seize the day and realize their dreams as well as reflect on the pivotal moments in their lives.

“We want this year’s National Assisted Living Week to help overcome the stigma that older adults in assisted living communities, and other settings for that matter, don’t have a purpose in life anymore,” said NCAL Executive Director Scott Tittle. “No matter your age, we should all be living life to its fullest. Assisted living caregivers help seniors realize this by supporting them with everyday tasks, while maximizing their independence and honoring their individuality.”

Here at Phelan Webber Pettis, P.S., we’ve been blogging about this very theme in our recent articles about Attitudes in Aging. In the first article, we discussed cultural attitudes about aging, and in the second article, we explored personal attitudes about aging. To celebrate NALW, we will be posting on our Facebook page daily snapshots of various older adults who seized the day and realized their dreams, as well as fun memes that might inspire you to capture the moment in your own life.

We hope you’ll join us for a week of celebrating the amazing and wonderful contributions of the older adults in our communities!

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