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No one has the power to predict their future.
If we did, life would be so much simpler!

Instead, our lives are full of planning for unknown possibilities.

As you or your loved ones enter into the estate planning, disability planning or long term care planning arena for the first time, it is vital to have a trusted guide with you to plan accordingly. That’s why you may find a crystal ball or two floating about our office to remind us of just that – we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, so we must plan effectively today. It also serves as a reminder that in today’s ever-changing, ever-complex world, simple documents simply don’t work.

We are committed to finding solutions to your specific issues and helping guide you through the maze of ever-changing laws.

We stay up-to-date on the laws that affect seniors so that we can keep you ahead of the curve. This is one of the primary reasons it is essential to choose a qualified Elder Law Attorney to handle your affairs. We urge you to choose a firm with a breadth of related experience, not by shopping for cheap hourly rates or cheap documents.

Our firm exclusively focuses in the area of elder law, proudly serving the Clark County, Washington area since 1992. We use a team-centered approach to relate to our clients by making them feel at home and understanding their needs.

karen webberI’m Karen Webber and I’ve been practicing law in Clark County since 2003 but before that I worked for Margaret Madison Phelan as a law student. I’m often asked how I decided to become an elder law attorney. Please click on the video below to hear me explain that answer to Kerri Kasem while I was live on the radio on Legal Point.

I’m Beckie Pettis and I joined Phelan Webber Pettis (now known as Pettis Webber Pacific) in March 2016 because they practice beckie pettisin the areas of law that I am so passionate about and I’ve been impressed with their reputations while working in Clark County Washington. I’ve always loved knowing and hearing and finding the stories of those who came before me, and those sharing the world with me. My experiences throughout life seemed to center around meeting people at a time of concern or question for them and using the knowledge and resources available to help them to a better life. Seeing so many kinds of challenges and different people facing them, and watching people use their choices and plans to turn undesirable situations into great futures left quite an impression on me. So, when my story led me to a job that showed me what a lawyer can do, it’s no wonder I jumped in!

When I was preparing to go to graduate school (I was headed toward a PhD in history), I took a job as the sole employee of a sole practitioner attorney. When I saw first-hand how powerfully legal knowledge can be used to dramatically improve the lives and futures of people – I was hooked! I changed my plans, and applied to law school. While in law school I sought out the opportunity to work for protecting people in institutional care, particularly those in long-term care facilities. I became rather intimately versed in what life is when someone without other resources is utterly dependent on institutions and teams of “strangers” – the good and the bad. And in each situation, it was obvious that if only the person had planned ahead, or their family had, life for that person would be so much better.

From my earliest memories to my practice now, I’m so conscious that my story is built on the stories before me, and it’s my chance to live a great chapter in a bigger story, and help those who carry the story on after me. I remember listening to the radio as a young girl and hearing Paul Harvey say, “Now you know the rest of the story.” Just what will be the rest of my story? What will be the rest of yours? It’s just that question that our office loves to help solve. We are passionate about helping others figure out the best way to live the “rest of the story” in their lives, and we look forward to meeting you and talking about how we can help you make your story great!

At Pettis Webber Pacific, we find solutions for a variety of needs using knowledge, experience, and most importantly, compassion. Every year we attend state and national continuing legal education training to keep abreast of new and changing laws so that we can help you with the most up-to-date options.

We want you to know us, and us you. We will identify the obstacles together and come up with creative and effective solutions for each of them. We are essentially problem-solvers, and we are great at what we do.

We look forward to your visiting our office and meeting our team.