Bethany A. Smyth

Bethany graduated from Washington State University with an English degree in 2019. She originally started school as a biology major with an interest in pursuing medicine, but decided to keep her options open. Over time she has realized her fondness for helping and guiding others.

She enjoys volunteering for the community and especially likes listening to people’s stories. Bethany joined the Vancouver Library’s memoir writing group and often comes to listen and chat with the senior citizens. Her motto is “listen to others’ stories, about their life, their passions, their feelings. It’s the best way to understand how strangers communicate, how they think, and how they react. Learn to appreciate their stories. You can learn a lot about the world.”

Bethany likes to read novels and memoirs as well as staying physically active. She loves animals and rescued her cat as a kitten from the streets of Pullman, WA. She has a cocker spaniel who never leaves her side and waits at the door for her to come home.