Mariah Lewis

Mariah during her recent road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway.


Mariah Lewis moved to Vancouver from Bisbee, Arizona in September of 2014. She started working as file clerk for Phelan Webber Pettis P.S. in August 2016 and is now the Marketing and Executive assistant. Mariah’s job as marketing assistant is managing the Phelan Webber Pettis website and other social media platforms, along with merchandising, advertising, and participating in marketing campaigns. As executive assistant, Mariah helps partner attorneys Karen Webber and Beckie Pettis in whatever they need. Whether it be research, running errands, or setting up meetings. In the next couple of years, Mariah hopes to attend law school and eventually work in human rights.

Mariah spends most of her spare time with her loud, hilarious family (she has five brothers) going to the movies or eating. She has a passion for hiking, astronomy, movies, music, and books. She looks for any opportunity to show people pictures of her pets, talk about The Wire, or to tell people that "next year is the Red Sox's year."